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Amit Kanodia, CEO, Lincoln Ventures 
“Polished Professionals of Boston strategic relationship development seminars have made my team much better prepared, more effective and confident in negotiations and other meetings. Our relationships with our clients are much stronger. We have become more attuned to their needs and we’re able to offer a higher level of service. As a result, our clients feel better about doing business with us.”


Janice K. Turner, Director of Sales
Quantum Health Resource
“Kim’s sales skills training workshops turned my young and green sales group into real pros. Now they’re happy to work hard because they know how to work smart. They close more sales and make more money for themselves and for me. Kim’s trade show preparation program taught our representatives how to get the most out of what is all too often a fruitless experience. Thanks to Kim, the sales team knows how to weed out the idle browsers, and connect with the prospects who are likely to become customers.” 


Michael Goldberg, Managing Partner, Sasha LLP 
“In an increasingly competitive business environment, branding and product positioning are very high on a company’s list of priorities. To stay in business, we must stand out as offering a valuable service to our clients. Working with Kim Clark on my  branding campaign helped the company to achieve the desired market share.”


Fay Chandler, Artist and Founder, The Art Connection
“Kim, you are a fine facilitator! The process was absorbing and fun. Our board will be engaged at a higher level and have greater awareness of the many issues that we face. I personally thank you for  starting the energy flowing throughout.”


Evelyn Darling
Deputy Executive Director, The Engineering Center
“Thank you very much, Kim, for facilitating our strategic planning process. You kept us on task, on schedule, focused and energized. I know that you were able to do this not only because of your talent and experience as a facilitator, but also because of all the ground work and detailed planning that took place in advance of the retreat session.”