Strategic Plan Facilitation

Whether the goal is to chart a successful course during uncertain economic times, launch a branding campaign, nurture the growth of a new business, or enhance the dominance of a mature organization, a well crafted strategic plan is an essential tool. A facilitated strategic planning process will make possible the development of innovative, comprehensive, custom designed marketing plans and branding initiatives which will ensure the organization’s growth and profitability.

More Than an Operating Plan
  • Allow previously untapped creative ideas to surface

  • Provide a set of plausible, practical options that can be implemented, even in challenging business environments

  • Encourage the team to break free of predictable assumptions and actions

  • Maximize company strengths; diminish weaknesses; capitalize on opportunities; and overcome threats


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Brand Development and Strategic
Marketing Campaigns

Expertly conceived, designed and implemented branding initiatives and promotional campaigns define and distinguish the product and the organization. Savvy brand development and marketing programs will effectively articulate the company’s footprint, while respecting organizational priorities and values. Highlight company strengths and improve competitive positioning through effective messaging to target markets.

  • Enhance brand recognition
  • Build customer loyalty
  • Dominate the marketplace
  • Achieve profitability goals

Sales Process Development And Skills Training

Powerful, practical sales techniques and approaches provide the tools to unlock difficult selling situations and turn challenge into lucrative opportunity. Sales team members learn to ask the right questions at the most opportune time in the sales process. Top performers discover both hidden strengths and areas in need of  improvement. Raw recruits gain the competence, judgment and confidence that transforms them into respected sales professionals. Practical, lively and interactive individual coaching tutorials or group learning experiences, accompanied by role playing exercises, encourage participants  to practice methods and achieve confidence and success in all selling situations.
  • Master the art of cold calling
  • Motivate and improve all levels of sales professionals
  • Build a top performing sales team
  • Gain client respect and build client loyalty
  • Achieve profitability goals

Strategic Relationship Development Through Networking Skills Training

 Create and sustain mutually beneficial, strategic relationships with significant individuals in business and personal milieus. Plan and implement a networking strategy for an individual, team or organization that will identify and unlock business and social opportunities through the development of key relationships. By way of practical, lively and interactive individual coaching tutorials or group learning experiences, participants receive tangible support to enhance proficiency in communication skills. Develop the expertise and confidence that translates into improved performance during critical sales, negotiations and other face to face encounters. Organizational norms, marketplace priorities and personal objectives will be addressed within the design of customized workshops for businesses and individuals.

  • Enhance relationships with key clients and individuals; build trust; and achieve goals
  • Expand knowledge of and access to lucrative business opportunities
  • Develop professional protocol and effective self-presentation skills
  • Convention and trade show preparation workshops